Peace of Mind

Starts at $1,800.

Our Peace of Mind service is like no other. We offer a cut-above-the-rest ‘day-of coordination’ service that is unique in the industry, because it includes so much more than the usual show-up-on-the-day package typically offered elsewhere. You might call it the ‘crème de la crème’ of day-of orchestration.

We maintain that those couples who work so hard to plan every detail of their wedding, deserve to sit back on the day itself and let those details shine, confident that their wedding day is in the hands of not just professionals, but professionals who are already friends.

Just turning up on the day is not good enough for us. And it’s not good enough for you. We take the time in advance to understand what makes you tick, to share your vision and your plans, to get to know you (and you, us!).

Here is what we include in our Peace of Mind package:

  • THREE pre-wedding scheduled consultations, during which we nail every last detail of your day; your décor, your timeline, your venue, your guests, any anxieties you may have….we want to know everything you have planned, so our team can be fully prepared for all and any eventualities.
  • Guaranteed MINIMUM of TWO Sea to Sky Celebrations planners on-site on the wedding day. We know from experience that this is essential to guarantee a seamless event. We don’t fool ourselves – we know that having sufficient staff on-site is especially important when dealing with tight windows for set-up or venue turn-arounds.
  • DAY-OF ORCHESTRATION that covers all the bases, depending on your needs. Our orchestration can typically include: early arrival at the venue for set-up of ceremony/reception areas (depending on venue accessibility); reception tables set-up based on your seating-plan, if any; liaison with venue coordinator and all vendors, including photographer/videographer, catering, florals, cake, music, DJ, rentals etc ; provision of emergency ‘wedding kit’; meet, greet and direct guests; safe-keeping of cards and gifts; vigilant adherence to timeline; décor tear-down at conclusion.

Our unique crème-de-la-crème service allows our Peace of Mind clients to enjoy the results of all their hard planning work, and to simply relax and be guests at their own wedding.

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