Hard on the heels of yesterday’s blog on winter wedding elopements, we’re going all blog happy and throwing out another. Because frankly, we could not resist. Trawling through our vast photo archives for images for yesterday’s blog, we encountered some priceless ones illustrating why Team Sea to Sky Celebrations love Winter weddings so much.

What IS it about these Winter weddings that gets us all excited? Bubbly chilled in the snow? Bluebird Whistler winter days when we get to fly in a helicopter off into the wild blue yonder? Watching our intrepid couples set off down the slopes in full wedding regalia? The sheer jaw-dropping beauty of snowy mountain peaks? Tick ‘all of the above’ please, and you’ll be close.

Of course we fully admit that at the end of Winter we’ll likely be dreaming of Summer, and singing the praises of Summer weddings! But for now, come along with us to our gallery of the Sea to Sky Celebrations team just loving those sparkling Winter weddings.

NOTE: Photo credit is in captions. Where no caption is given image is planner’s own.