Why do we love weddings at any of WhistlerBlackcomb’s multiple locations and venues? Let us count the ways (sorry W. Shakespeare):

  1. Those photo backdrops. Look in any direction you like at an on-mountain WB wedding and what do you see? Beauty almost unparalleled in any North American location. Guests are amazed and photographers are drooling. The Coast Mountains are famed for their lush greenery backed by a dramatic landscape of glaciers and volcanoes (yes, volcanoes) formed over millennia as if just waiting to be the stars of many a wedding album. The only conundrum is which images to choose for the album, because we can guarantee that couples will dither over the choices presented by any of our favourite local pro photographers. And yes, we do generally recommend local pros because they are accustomed to dealing adroitly and skillfully with Whistler’s unique combination of unpredictable and sometimes tricky weather patterns and light. See our previous blog on the importance of going local here
  2. Accessibility. Many couples dream of a mountain wedding, but hesitate because of the logistics of transporting guests, some of whom may be elderly, very young, or mobility-challenged, to their on-mountain venue. Hesitate no more! Both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains have comfortable, easy gondolas that move smoothly and swiftly from the valley to the alpine.
  3. The Peak to Peak Gondola! The breathtaking Peak to Peak Gondola hustles smoothly in a swift 12-minute (one way) ride from Whistler to Blackcomb Mountain and back again, ecompassing fabulous views along the way, and a ride on this spectacular world-famous gondola is practically mandatory for all your guests and is included in the lift ticket cost. Couples who select our The Mountain Top elopement package can also choose to hold their ceremony actually on the gondola!

4. The weather. Yes, believe it or not, the weather. Whistler’s location in the Coast Mountains and relatively close, as the crow flies, to the coast itself, means that we enjoy unpredictable and exciting weather patterns that can vary sometimes not only from hour-to-hour but from minute-to-minute. We see everything from glorious, hot, bluebird days, to dramatic skies full of turbulent clouds, to rain that sweeps up the valley like a curtain, to powerful windstorms that pound the mountains and blow the rain or snow sideways. This exciting weather also means an average accumulative snowfall of over 40+ feet of snow per season, and numerous Sea to Sky Celebrations couples have elected to ski or ride down the mountains following their on-mountain weddings, often in full wedding finery! Our weather is another reason to go with a seasoned local photo pro; not only will they be unfazed by anything Ma Nature throws at them, they will also know how to capture amazing images in even the most challenging conditions. We wrote another blog on this subject here

5. Whistler Blackcomb’s venue choices. If choosing an on-mountain site, a couple’s choices are legion, and ceremonies can take place pretty much anywhere you like, depending on numbers, weather, and guests’ ability to move around. WB offers indoor locations in the Roundhouse Lodge, plus the covered deck of Steeps, or the exposed outdoor rooftop Observation Deck (spectacular on a fine day). Couples can also elect to hold their ceremony in the outdoor environs of the Alpine, or for more intrepid couples, even on the peak of Whistler itself, accessible by open chairlift only. Many couples choose a format of indoor or covered ceremony followed by a photo shoot on the Peak for themselves and maybe their wedding party, while guests enjoy all that the Whistler Alpine has to offer before downloading on the village gondola.

WB also offers valley-based choices for those not willing to venture up the mountain, including the iconic Dusty’s Bar, which washes its face and puts on its best bib-and-tucker to present an impressive venue for ceremony and/or reception.

6. The staff. WB staff are one of our favourite teams to work with on the multiple weddings we plan yearly at various WB venues. They are professional, experienced, keen, and diligent, and we consider them to be part of OUR team on wedding days.

Couples can select a WB wedding as part of any of our services, whether Start to Finish, Peace-of-Mind, or Small is Beautiful.

Next, enjoy our Gallery of WB weddings and be transported to the WB wedding of your dreams. Photos are individually captioned for photo cred.