Do you dream of bright sunshine and endless blue skies for your wedding day? In Whistler we see our share of bluebird days for sure, but we are here to tell you that the best days for wedding photos are often the days when Mother Nature declines to deliver either blue skies or sunshine, and throws a curve ball in the form of turbulent weather and stormy skies.

We call Whistler The Land of Light and Shade because our turbulent weather patterns can deliver literally anything between startlingly brilliant light and the darkest hues the weather gods can paint. Often in the space of a few hours, sometimes even minutes. We’ve seen it all; dreamy lapis lazuli skies you could swim in, massive elephant clouds marching overhead as far as you can see, winds blowing sideways, sheets of fine rain sweeping up the valleys, moody skies reflected in still lake water, and yes, smoky skies swept in from distant forest fires, which produce an ethereal, almost surreal light that only the best photographers know how to handle.

And that brings us neatly to a segue into photography. Most non-locally-based wedding photographers, seeing stormy skies on the morning of a wedding day, will likely groan. But locally-based wedding photographers will say ‘yaay’ at the sight of turbulent weather, because they know the kinds of amazing images they can conjure from their lenses and they relish the challenge, knowing from experience how to handle fickle light changes and sudden transitions from clear skies to stormy, from endless blue to endless dark, from hard shadows to no shadows at all. They know where to go to get the best aspects and where to best capture the storm in all its glory. When it comes to a Whistler or Sea to Sky corridor wedding, our advice as always is to ‘go local’.

Want proof? We have assembled some of our favourite images into a gallery of weddings-with-weather for your viewing pleasure. All photos are captioned. Enjoy!