With the first day of May just passed by, we were inspired to dream of our soon-to-be Summer weddings. We can hardly wait for those luscious Summer blooms. Did you know that flowers and greenery have a long connection with weddings?
In Ancient Rome, brides carried herbs to ensure fertility and fidelity, and to ward off evil spirits; the groom’s boutonniere dates back to the Medieval tradition of a knight wearing his lady’s colours as a declaration of his love; that adorable flower girl scattering rose petals on the aisle, is unknowingly ensuring that the bride’s path through life will always be filled with flowers. Don’t you just love this stuff?
But our favourite flower tradition is the Victorian one of using flowers as powerful symbols, in a Language of Flowers which these days has been largely forgotten. There has been a renewed interest thanks in part to the Duchess of Cambridge whose wedding bouquet was packed with symbolism.
Want to know more? Here, in our usual helpful fashion, we have assembled a list of popular flowers with their traditional meanings. And of course we could not resist an accompanying gallery of some of our favourite Sea to Sky Celebrations florals through the years (the usual potluck collection of mixed professional and planner-taken images).
So here’s the list. See anything you like?

Alstromeria – aspiring.
Amarylis – splendid beauty.
Azalea – abundance.
Baby’s Breath – festivity.
Bird of Paradise – joyfulness.
Camellia – graciousness.
Delphinium – ardent attachment.
Daisy (includes gerberas) – innocence.
Gardenia – joy.
Hibiscus – delicate beauty.
Hydrangea – perseverance, heartfelt emotions.
Jasmine – grace, elegance.
Calla lily – regal.
Magnolia – dignity.
Orchid – delicate or exotic beauty.
Protea – change, transformation.
Rose, red – passionate love.
Rose, pink – admiration.
Rose, red & white – unity.
Rose, yellow – friendship.
Stephanotis – good luck.
Sunflower – adoration.
Tuberose – pleasure.
Wisteria – steadfast.

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