We have recently detected a trend in wedding decor that has us all of a flutter.  We refer to the trend for buying decor then selling it, at a significant loss usually. Frankly, it has us stumped. A brief perusal of any wedding-related site will reveal post after post after post of decor items for sale, of all sorts; linens, wood rounds, card boxes, place card holders, signs, candle holders, frames, mason jars (lots) you name it. For sure there are bargains to be found – after which the new owner will presumably also sell their newly acquired items, at a further loss? We don’t get it.

Why would anyone spend hours sourcing and purchasing decor, only to face the vexation, time and trouble of having to sell afterwards, at a financial loss? Why do that when you can simply rent? We scratch our heads in puzzlement.

Choosing decor is probably THE most fun part of planning, and far be it from us to have anyone miss out on the fun. But why buy, when you can rent? Like most wedding planners, we have an extensive inventory of delicious and practical decor items, large and small, but the difference with our big fat decor treasure chest is that we selected items from it and created convenient Decor Packages with different themes, that are an absolute godsend for busy couples (which let’s face it, is most people these days). Our Decor Packages are totally unique in the industry locally. Each one is absolutely complete with everything you need for ceremony and reception. We have themes too – Black, Gold, Silver, and Rustic PLUS  our brand NEW Package, ‘West Coast’ which is Rustic kicked up a notch to give any reception a tangible connection with nature (hint: lots of greenery!).

You’ll see details on the West Coast Package on our website very soon, but in the meantime, just ask us!

Our Decor Packages are available for ALL of our weddings, no matter the service. Take a look at our existing Decor Packages here. And check out our complete Decor Treasure Chest here. Oh and if you don’t see what you want, tell us. We love to shop, and are happy to purchase items we currently do not have, if we think they can be used again.

See? You can still have the fun of decor shopping, but without the need to sell stuff later and without the need to ask your parents if you can store all that stuff in their garage while you go on your honeymoon or wait for buyers. Your mom and dad will thank you.

And now, (drum roll please) we are beyond excited to announce TWO exciting additions to our Services menu. Details on the website soon but here is an early sneak peek.

SO….we are EXPANDING our Start to Finish (complete wedding planning) service to offer both A La Carte and Full Meal Deal services. With A La Carte we do all the planning but you choose and pay your vendors. The NEW Full Meal Deal will be the same complete planning service but will include cost of vendors. HINT: Full Meal Deal will be exactly that, a great deal, as we are committed to passing along our preferred vendor pricing to our clients!

Next, we are adding another level to our wildly popular Small is Beautiful (smaller weddings and elopements) service. It is tentatively called The Sweetheart and is custom designed for couples who want it to be really and truly Just Them. Aaaaw. It will include vendor bookings, marriage license (and escort to city hall to obtain same), two witnesses, a bride dresser and confidante, transport to venues, a nifty gift bag, dinner reservations, marriage commissioner, and more. A sort of pop-up wedding in a way. How sweet will this be?

Finally, in PRICING news, we will be offering TWO-TIER pricing with preferred pricing for mid-week weddings. If you have the flexibility to be married on a week day, you are going to love this!

There you have it. Sweet news we think, on our unique and convenient rental Decor Packages (don’t forget to ask about the West Coast) on our new services, and on our new pricing. We’re exhausted. Bring on the prosecco. Oh and here’s a Gallery of decor images to get us all in the mood.