FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, Rowan Atkinson, 1994.

FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, Rowan Atkinson, 1994.

Wedding officiants are the vendors of choice in our Vendor Viewpoint blog today. To begin – hands up who remembers the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral? There is a hilarious but toe-curling segment in that movie where a hapless couple are being married by a priest who, it becomes quickly apparent, is a nervous, novice priest performing his first ever wedding ceremony. Blunders, gaffes and slip-ups galore. If you haven’t seen it you can watch it here.

Yes it’s a movie and not real life, and yes it’s funny – how could it not be when the priest is played by Mr Bean himself, actor Rowan Atkinson. But really, can you imagine? And it begs the question; how important is your choice of officiant? Answer – VERY! This is one extremely important person at your wedding. After all, you will be saying the most meaningful and profound words of your life in front of them. Better make sure that a) you actually like them b) you have met them either personally or via Skype/Facetime, or have at least had extensive online or phone chats, c) they are fully on board with everything you want your ceremony to be, and d) they are available. Careful research is required here.

Imagine booking someone sight unseen and with minimal prior discussion, then discovering on the Big Day that they have a voice like a knife on a plate, and no they do NOT think it appropriate that your cousin read an excerpt from Fifty Shades of Grey. This is one area of your wedding day where you do not wing it. With this important decision in mind, we did our usual Vendor Viewpoint thing and went to an expert with a Q and A.

Now, this was hard. Whistler is replete with superb officiants, how could we choose? So we acted like the professionals we are – we threw names in a hat. We’d have been delighted with any name that emerged, but the lucky winner in this instance was Tracy Kerr, an officiant legally recognized by the Province of British Columbia, and also a qualified Lifecycle Celebrant with the renowned

We love Tracy for her beautifully calm and kind demeanour, her professionalism and organisation, and her sense of adventure. How many heli or stormy-mountain-top weddings is that now Tracy?

0818katherinejeff_ls_102We asked Tracy some questions on your behalf:

1. How far in advance can/should couples book you?
Couples should really start looking to book months in advance. Summer weekends typically book up to a year in advance. We often can do more than one ceremony in a day, but it would depend on start times and travel distance.
Whistler has become an all year vacation destination, with traffic becoming more of an issue when estimating how long it will take to get from ceremony to ceremony. I personally like to be at least 20 minutes early, so am really cautious when booking more than one ceremony in a day. Some couples do book last minute, which can be accommodated, but it is best to be safe.
The slower months are November and March, although some couples do plan weddings at this time.

2. Do you have a template ceremony?
Yes I have several ceremony and vow options, with the introduction, legal vows, ring exchange and pronouncement being the same, although of course changes can be made to all but the legal vows.

3. Do you personalize ceremonies?
Yes, many couples find a special reading, from a book, song lyrics, poem etc. There are lots of readings that can be found on line as well. Marriage commissioners are only authorized to do civil ceremonies, so any religious readings should not be included in a civil ceremony. Our celebrants and officiants associated with a church or faith group are responsible for those.

4. What is the most frequent question you are asked?
I don’t think there are any specifically frequent questions, short of cost and availability. All couples
have different questions and concerns on how the ceremony will flow.

5. What are some of the most unusual ceremonies you have performed?
Every ceremony is so different, which is one of the things that I truly love about being a commissioner. I have had butterflies and doves released, several varieties of animal ring bearers, theme weddings, surprise string quartets, etc. I haven’t had to dress in a theme costume yet, but I think that would be good fun!
There are also ceremonies that take a totally unpredictable, yet memorable, turn. I have had battling flower
girls, overheated or too cold guests fainting, forgotten rings, (replacements borrowed from guests), sudden thunder storms and instant downpours, black bears behind the altar….you name it. I officiated a summer outdoor farm wedding, and while standing casually at the altar waiting for the wedding to commence, a wasp flew up my skirt, stinging me at least 4 times! It probably looked quite funny as I refrained from cursing as it flew back out of my skirt!

6. Is there anything in particular you would like couples to know?
I think couples should really, thoroughly communicate with their commissioner, celebrant, officiant to make sure they get exactly what they want for their ceremony. It is important to meet as well, so that you have a chance to get to know the person that is marrying you, and feel comfortable and relaxed with them. Some couples just want a quick and legal ceremony, which is fine.



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