From time to time we like to cast the beady searchlight beam of our blogging eye onto one of our amazing team of vendors. After all, we would be nowhere without our beloved and trusted vendors. We want to do more of this kind of blog because these guys are all SO important to us and our couples. So we came up with a fancy name for these blogs – Vendor Viewpoints. Nice eh?

If you cast your eye through our blog archives you’ll find previous Vendor Viewpoint Q&A sessions with florists, DJs, live music and photographers, and today we add another vendor to the team – local Whistler retailers! Sometimes couples assume they have to schlep everything they need for their Whistler wedding here in their luggage, because Whistler’s just a ski town and you can’t find wedding stuff here, right? Wrong! Did you know Whistler has a widely varying retail scene (over 200 stores!) that covers pretty much anything needed for a wedding – well, apart from a bridal salon. We don’t have one of those (yet) so do bring your dress.

The local retail scene includes a number of sources for gifts for your girls, gifts for friends and relations arriving for your destination wedding, and even favours. One of our favourite Whistler retailers where we can happily while away an hour or so looking over their delicious product lines, is Ruby Tuesday Accessories  (website here) packed with a treasure trove of yummy jewellery, gifts, and accessories of all kinds including scarves, hair accessories, and purses. We sat down with store manager Helen and picked her brains on what Ruby has to offer. We learned some things ourselves – like that Ruby can do special, custom, and online orders, and they offer private consultation sessions outside of store opening hours. They can even custom print umbrellas for Whistler’s fickle weather!

Here are our questions with Helen’s answers. And she kindly supplied images of some of the items mentioned here. Happy shopping everyone!

Bridesmaid and wedding party gifts are still a Big Thing at weddings; what are some of the popular lines and items carried at Ruby Tuesday that fit this criteria?

We have plenty of unique and locally made treasures to choose from that will fit any budget.

For example: Chevron Bracelet by Adrienne Deeks $34.95 – a popular local designer exclusive to Ruby Tuesdays. This is a very simple and delicate wrist accessory that could be worn as part of the wedding outfit.

Pinecone Necklace by Justine Brooks $79.95– another local designer from Whistler. Cast from a real pinecone, capturing the delicate essence of nature, this piece offers so much detail and a bit of Whistler for a destination wedding.

Eagle bracelet by Nancy Dawson $89.95 – From the Kwaguitl nation, Nancy is based out of Victoria on Vancouver Island and is a popular First Nations artist. The eagle is a great symbol of Strength and Friendship.

If couples want a more personal touch for each guest, a pair of Ayala Bar earrings presents different colours, materials and shapes to suit each party member’s individual tastes and styles. (Range $54.95-$169.95pair)

Are you noticing that couples are thinking more ‘outside the box’ from the traditional jewellery for bridesmaids, brides, or wedding party gifts? For example, your selection of purses and wallets?

Trends are always changing and although you will find many traditional wedding party gift ideas in-store, lots of jewellery, we do have other options. Hair accessories are always popular, and we also carry little clutch bags and wristlets like our Matt and Nat Maya wristlet which comes in many colours. This is affordable and yet hard wearing, but most of all after the wedding is over, friends can continue to enjoy their gift and think of the couple and that special day whenever they use it! ($39.95)

Most of our weddings are Destination Weddings, and couples often put together welcome gift bags for their out-of-town guests. Does Ruby Tuesday have anything in this line?

Yes absolutely! Whether for winter or summer weddings we can totally be a one-stop-shop for gift and accessory needs. We are all about locally made and/or designed accessories, so if couples want their guests to remember this special time and place, they could purchase a one-of-a-kind earring or necklace by our BC designer Little Jems. After all, what is more Whistler than snow in winter and bears in the summer? (Earrings and necklaces from $44.95)

Does Ruby Tuesday do custom orders?

We do! Depending on the designer we can order items in advance. This strikes one more ‘to do’ item off the list on the big day. We can also customize certain items of jewellery to suit personal preferences. Your brides and couples can feel free to email us, or pop in and see us, and we will happily talk through their choices with them.

What about an online store? Can brides/couples order straight from your website and how much notice would you need?

It is a good idea for brides and couples to have a look at our website to get an idea of the designers they might like the look of. We try to keep the website as up to date as possible so if they have an idea of what they like but don’t see it, then just give us a call or throw us an email, one of our designers may have just what they need.

If they are looking to get multiples of the same things, a time line of around 6 weeks would be good to make sure nothing is delayed.

What if a bride wants accessories to go with the dresses but is unsure if it will look good?

 They can contact us for a private session out of regular store opening hours. Bring the girls, the dress and shoes or whatever they have to match and we can have a fun evening with sparkles and bubbles! They can try on different styles to make sure we have the perfect piece for their special day. As much as possible we can and will customize pieces so that they fit better if need be; for example, longer or shorter chains. We can take bits off or put bits on to make it unique. This would also be a great time to check out our hair accessories. We have some great little hair screws that would give wedding hair styles that little extra something!

 Can Ruby offer anything to counter our notoriously fickle Whistler weather?

I agree, Whistler’s weather can be unpredictable! And yes we can even help with that. We have a large selection of chunky knit scarves for those cooler winter days (perfect as a wrap for sleeveless gowns too),  or more lightweight summer scarves just to keep that chilly wind at bay. If the skies should turn, we have some reasonably priced umbrellas – we could even get these printed with your names and the date of your wedding! – your guests can stay warm and dry without the worry of messing their hair up or getting cold. The men can also get involved and match with the party with our large selection of Unisex Sunglasses!

Thank you to Helen and Ruby Tuesday for patiently answering all our questions. Watch out for future helpful Vendor Viewpoint blogs on venues, catering, hair and make-up, and more.

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