Are we sticklers for tradition here at Sea to Sky Celebrations? Some yes, some no. Some traditions we know are worth keeping forever, some we are happy to let go. One we will never give up on, is wedding cake. Sorry people, YOU NEED CAKE! Guests expect a cake, the ‘cutting of the cake’ moment is an iconic wedding day image that appears in every wedding day album. And heck, it’s cake ok? It tastes delicious!


Couples may choose to have a traditional tiered cake, whether naked or drip or fondant, whether round or square or whatever shape they fancy, they may choose to have fondant or buttercream, they may choose a ‘themed’ cake, they may forgo the cake in favour of a cupcake arrangement or tower, they may have a cake topper or choose to skip the topper, they may have the cake sliced and plated in the venue kitchen as dessert, or they may choose to have slices boxed to send home with guests….as far as cake is concerned these days, the cake world is your oyster. But….you should have cake. Seriously.

Some traditions around wedding cakes have largely flown the wedding nest, like keeping the top tier to serve at your first anniversary or at the christening of your first-born. Yawn, fine by us. And especially since cakes these days are far less likely to be the lasts-forever-bulletproof-fruitcake recipes of yore, and more likely to be delicious best-eaten-soon chocolate, lemon, vanilla recipes beloved of modern day couples and their cake vendors.

So, to get the latest on All Things Cake, we went to an expert. We sat down and chatted (over a slice of cake, natch) with Anna Densmore, that wizard in the kitchen of some our most outstanding looking and tasting wedding cakes, at (where else?) The Cake Kitchen

Here are Anna’s answers to our questions:

  1. How far in advance should we order our wedding cake? It really depends on the time of year and the style of cake you want. Saturdays in peak season June-Sept should be booked six months in advance. I have made cakes with 24 hours notice, but to get what you want I advise to book as far in advance as possible.
  2. What is the most unusual ‘theme’ wedding cake request you have had? Probably a mountain bike themed cake with a wheel spraying dirt out over the white cake! This is actually not that unusual a theme for Whistler. I made it with chocolate cookie crumbs, so fun! Oh and I do get requests for some very cheeky x-rated batchelor and batchelorette cakes, but you will not see those on my Instagram page!
  3. Is there on favourite flavour that everyone wants? My flourless chocolate cake is the one I sell the most of, and get the most repeat orders for. It is thin layers of chocolate sponge filled with a creamy dark chocolate mousse, light but also rich and decadent. No flour makes it popular with gluten-free guests. A close second would be my lemon cake, filled with whipped cream and lemon curd. Add fresh raspberries to either of those cakes and you won’t be disappointed!
  4. Do you have a specialty, such as fondant, sugar flowers etc? Yes, I specialize in gluten-free baking, and my gluten-free cakes now come in most cake flavours. I am also working on vegan, keto and sugar-free cakes as requests for these become more frequent.

Thank you Anna for answering our questions? Oh and we can also attest to the fact that Anna does terrific birthday and other special event cakes! Feast your eyes on this gallery of some of Anna’s creations.