Thinking of popping the question? Got the ring on the finger and starting to consider wedding bands? Seeking jewellery to complement The Dress, or gifts for your terrific wedding party? When it comes to wedding jewellery there’s a lot to think about and consider, and for our blog today we turned for advice to a Whistler retailer of many years standing, a locals’ favourite for sure, Keir Fine Jewellery, located right in the heart of Whistler village.

The uber experienced Dorothy Harwood, Whistler local of many years and doyenne of great taste in All Things Jewellery, is a mighty busy lady. But we managed to catch her attention for a brief respite and chat about a subject we love – wedding bling!

Here is our Q and A with Dorothy. We learned a lot and think you will too dear readers.

Are you seeing any new trends in wedding bands, for example type of gold or preference for platinum? Are couples choosing to incorporate colour or precious stones into wedding bands?

Simple narrow bands with either claw set or pave set with diamonds are continuing to trend strongly for brides. The classic look of a simple straight diamond band enhances most engagement rings and adds that extra bit of sparkle however we are also seeing more variation in shape as curved or v shaped silhouettes are becoming popular as well.

Stackable wedding bands is also trending strongly as stacking has been taking over in all aspects of jewellery. Thin diamond bands are designed to be worn on top of one another along with the engagement ring. The look can be personalized and we find that some brides are using the stacking trend to incorporate coloured stones like fancy coloured diamonds, morganite and blue topaz or a mixture of metal colours such as rose gold paired with a white gold or platinum engagement ring. Brides can also add additional rings in the future to symbolize special events such as the birth of a child or a special anniversary.

Vintage inspired bands continue to be very popular and also work well for stacking. They come in a variety of looks and styles and can incorporate scrolling patterns or floral design as well as filigree and milgrain detail or edges.

Winding up the trends in bridal wedding bands, nothing has more impact paired with a stunning solitaire engagement ring than a five stone diamond band. This is a timeless style with huge impact!

Men’s bands are also changing and although the classic gold band never goes out of style we are seeing a lot more variety in men’s bands. Although classic gold bands are still most popular, we are also seeing a lot of interest in titanium which is very light and strong and often creates a more rugged or industrial look

With the gold bands, Keir works with a Canadian supplier that custom makes each band to order. There is no end to the possibilities as they have hundreds of styles and the ability to personalize the bands is endless. We can quote pricing for customers in 10k, 14k, 18k and platinum in all sorts of combinations of yellow, white and rose gold. (NOTE: See Keir’s images of custom bands in our Gallery – these have mountain designs but as Dorothy says, personalized design possibilities are endless.)

What about engagement rings? Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend?

Diamonds are definitely still a ‘girl’s best friend’ and at Keir, we are proud to specialize in Canadian diamonds, specifically Maple Leaf Diamonds!

Maple Leaf Diamonds are mined at the Ekati and Diavik mines, Canada’s first diamond mines located in the breathtaking Northwest Territories. The Maple Leaf Diamonds were formed underground over three-billion years ago in Northern Canada where they lay dormant under the frozen tundra, waiting to be discovered. These superb stones are among the highest quality found anywhere in the world and each one is laser engraved with a tracking number, the CanadaMark symbol and Maple Leaf insignia. This allows the diamond to be traced from the mine, through all the stages of the refinement process and ensures that the diamond is certified to be of Canadian origin. Every Maple Leaf Diamond also comes with an individual Certificate of Origin bearing its unique tracking number.

Most of Keir’s extensive selection of engagement rings are set with beautiful Canadian diamonds as well as many of our other feature products in the store including both our custom designed Inukshuk and Jeanie Bear collections. We are proud to offer a very personalized approach to selling engagement rings.

Does Keir carry a selection of bridal jewellery such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories?

You bet! As well as an amazing selection of engagement rings and wedding bands, Keir offers an extensive collection of coordinating pieces that are perfect for that special day. Beautiful and unique styles in necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings designed in white, yellow or rose gold and set with both diamonds or coloured stones to suit every bride’s individual style.

Maybe your brides are are looking for their ‘something blue’?  We have so many beautiful pieces created in Swiss blue, London blue or Caribbean blue topaz or the icy blue tone of aquamarine!

Another trending bridal look to partner with diamonds is the subtle peach coloured stone morganite, part of the beryl family which also includes emerald and aquamarine. It is a fantastic choice as it is very distinctive but neutral enough not to be overpowering. (NOTE: See Dorothy’s image in our Gallery of a stunning morganite set, such beautiful peachy pink stones!)

Any suggestions from your product lines for bridesmaids gifts?

All the team at Keir are full of ideas for both bridesmaid and groomsman gifts and we love to make suggestions!

If couples are looking for something that will keep alive the memory of their once in a lifetime experience in Whistler, we have everything from locally influenced pieces such as our custom Jeanie Bear and Inukshuk collections, simple hand forged pieces from Vancouver Island artist Ross Haynes or a simple Canadian designed and manufactured Rembrandt charm worn as a pendant or on a bracelet.

A favorite choice for our grooms is matching Canadian brand ‘Momentum’ watches that we can have engraved with your choice of a personal message, or we have a whole selection of sterling silver cufflinks.

Thank you Dorothy for the great info. You can find Keir’s website here check it out for all their scrumptious collections!