We can bet some of you, dear readers, are tempted to roll your eyes round about now. “Well duh, of course they recommend everyone hire a planner” we can hear you say. But wait. Not so fast. Unroll your eyes, because the reasons for hiring an expert and experienced planner are not always as obvious as you might think. Even for those committed to finding themselves the perfect planner for their dream day, it’s a good idea to just run through a check-list of all the reasons a planner is an investment in your day. Yes, an investment.

Follow this trail of clues that a planner is what you need, and you’ll see what we mean!

1. When you think about the wedding day, you feel….panic. Excited sure, but mostly….panic.
2. You realize you have no idea where to begin on a budget for a wedding. How much do photographers/officiants/caterers/venues/flowers cost these days anyway?
3. You are busy people with busy lives, full-time jobs, and sure as heck no time to devote hours and hours to poring over Pinterest, wedding magazines, wedding blogs, etc.
4. The thought of juggling emails and phone calls with multiple vendors is giving you the heebie-jeebies. How nice would it be to have one person to do the juggling for you.
5. You are planning a destination wedding. Enough said right there.
6. You feel sure the venue coordinator will be just fine with being YOUR planner on the big day – errm, no, they actually won’t.
7. Uh-oh, family tensions are looming; you can see a mediator on the wedding day will be mighty handy.
8. You booked the date. You booked the venue. Awesome, but that was months ago. Since then – well, who has time to do more?

See what we mean? And don’t miss our next blog when we share some of our behind-the-scenes secrets of what wedding planners actually do (some you will not believe).