The weather may have been stormy, but all was set fair for this lovely couple on a wedding day packed with emotion and intimate, loving moments that left no dry eye in the house. Photographer Logan Swayze snapped some incredible lakeside images of moody skies and dramatic backdrops, while also managing to capture those fleeting, quiet and intimate moments that can so easily be missed by a less discerning eye.
We are just so in love with the emotional range in these images, from captivating human tenderness to the breathtaking drama of the approaching storm.
Our forecast for Christian and Angela? We see calm waters and tranquil skies ahead, and hope that this delightful pair will truly live ‘happy ever after’.

0627Christian.Angela_LS_0501-550x550 0627Christian.Angela_LS_3081-550x550 0627Christian.Angela_LS_2951-550x550 0627Christian.Angela_LS_2851-550x550 0627Christian.Angela_LS_2651-550x550 0627Christian.Angela_LS_2441-550x550 0627Christian.Angela_LS_1911-550x550 0627Christian.Angela_LS_1181-550x550 0627Christian.Angela_LS_1091-550x550 0627Christian.Angela_LS_0821-550x550 0627Christian.Angela_LS_0631-550x550 0627Christian.Angela_LS_3232-550x550

Photographer: Logan Swayze Photography

Venue: Nita Lake Lodge

Officiant: Tracy Kerr

Planning: Sea to Sky Celebrations