All who follow our Facebook page will know that we were moved to post about the terrible and shocking tragedy in Orlando.  And we are further moved to write our blog today on the same subject, in case anyone missed our post. So the horrific atrocity in Orlando is what this blog is about, and if you do not wish to read it, that is totally fine, and now is the time for you to look away.

So…living, as we do, in the wedding world that literally celebrates and venerates love, maybe we see things through a different prism when something like this happens, when people lose their lives simply because someone, for whatever incomprehensible reason, hated who they are. In our world, we cannot grasp or comprehend this depth of hatred. We have no wish or intention to comment on why this happened – far better minds (and certainly much better writers!), are struggling to explain it, and we will not go there.

We also would never comment on the politics of another country. It is not our place to do so.

No, our intention with this blog is simply to say this, based on our experience of all the same-sex couples we are delighted to know, and all the same-sex weddings we have been proud and excited to help plan and coordinate – we are broken-hearted for all those innocent souls who lost their lives, and for all the families and friends who grieve their loss. To our LGBT friends whom we have been privileged to meet, we say this – We love you. We stand by you. Do not fear, we are certain the world has far more good people in it, than bad, and that good will prevail. We know, thanks to you, that love is love wherever it is found. And we know this to be true.

We would like to share some images, which we think can speak for themselves. We’ll just leave them here.

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