One of the joys and challenges of planning weddings in Sea to Sky country, is that the weather always keeps us on our toes.  Will there be clouds? Blazing sunshine? Rain? Snow? We never know quite what to expect. The day of Kaylea’s and Tony’s wedding dawned with veils of rain sweeping the valley and we looked at the fast-moving clouds with anxious eyes. But we need not have worried. This beautiful couple were so consumed with love, it was plain to see the weather was the last thing they cared about. Plus, they had booked that Wizard of the Lens, Logan Swayze, as their photographer, and we know from experience what kinds of amazing images that guy can conjure from even the most dramatic weather days.

Kaylea and Tony had fallen in love with the stunning location of the Squamish Sea to Sky Gondola, surely one of our most breathtaking venues and featured as one of our popular Small is Beautiful services.

As we accompanied the bride and wedding party up the gondola, as if on cue the clouds began to break and the sun peeked in and out. It stayed that way for the remainder of the day, giving Logan some photo opportunities that any photographer would die for. He took full advantage of these, as you can see from our banner photo and from the Gallery that follows.

Is there any walk-down-the-aisle more dramatic anywhere on earth than the walk over the suspension bridge to the Spirit platform for the ceremony? We don’t think so. Awaiting Kaylea on the platform were friends and loved ones, and of course her smitten groom whose look when he spied his gorgeous bride, said it all. Officiant Chad Chomlack delivered a moving ceremony that had even these ‘seen it all’ veteran planners wiping away a tear or few.

The team at Sea to Sky Gondola did their usual efficient job of keeping the public at bay (couples can arrange to have the suspension bridge closed off for a period of time for the ‘walk down the aisle’, and the Spirit platform is also closed to public for a specified period of time. Be sure and ask us about this) and there were plenty of astonished and delighted tourists who must have taken home some fabulous images on their iPhones. Kaylea and Tony and guests enjoyed a delicious reception dinner in the private function room of the Summit Lodge, at a family-style long table set by the Sea to Sky Celebrations team in a simple but lovely silver and white theme.

All in all, the weather was our friend that day, and we were all high on love high up in the clouds. Sigh.