Tonya and David travelled all the way from Chicago to Whistler to take their vows, and it was our honour, privilege and enormous pleasure to help them plan and celebrate their special day. This delightful couple brought a small but enthusiastic band of family and friends that can only be described as a Cheering Section, and boy oh boy, these folks knew how to partaaaaay! All we can say is, we want to go to Chicago if these guys are typical of its citizens.

The Windy City may have prepared this group for windy conditions, but Mother Nature Whistler-style has a lot more up her sleeve than mere wind; we saw wind blowing a snow blizzard sideways, we saw rain, we saw freezing temps, heck we saw everything. The bride was bound and determined to marry outside with our The Mountaintop service, and she got her wish despite the challenging conditions. Hey, making wedding dreams come true is our mission in life and we’re up for anything our brides desire!

The heartfelt and intimate ceremony, with the Chicago Cheering Section supporters huddling close, took place on the deck beside Whistler’s famous Umbrella Bar. Our intrepid couple with their equally intrepid officiant Margaret Clare and photographer Pascale, (not to mention our team of three planners) headed outside with the stalwart if shivering Cheering Section, who posed for a group photo and took turns bravely shedding jackets and coats to stand with the couple for individual photographs. Pascale as usual was the ultimate professional, paying no heed to conditions but marshalling her shivering group for the best vantage while often standing on table tops and making adjustments to hair and clothing. Gold medal for bravery goes to our bride Tonya, who was dressed to stunning effect in a drop-dead-gorgeous figure-hugging and strapless gown! Brrrr, but this bride had her love to keep her warm.

Following the ceremony, all were glad to re-convene inside the Umbrella Bar for a champagne toast (to the loud appreciation of the patrons whose collective jaws dropped when they saw our gorgeous bride) followed by a delicious dinner reception in the private dining room at Nita Lake Lodge.

Thank you to Tonya and David and the Chicago Cheering Section, these guys were all amazing. Thank you to WhistlerBlackcomb’s Aubrey, manager of the Umbrella Bar, for going above and beyond (as usual) in delivering superb customer service, thank you to Senka for the beautiful florals, and hthank you to one of our very favourite pro photographers Pascale Gadbois, living proof that you should always hire a pro photographer, and that you can’t keep a great professional down. Want proof? Enjoy her lush photo gallery following this blog!