Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and we thought of all the wonderful, intimate and hidden girl moments we are privileged to witness before our weddings begin – the hanging up of The Dress for the photographer, to gasps of awe and delight from the bridesmaids; the love shared between the bride and her ‘maids as they help her to get ready; the sweet shared moments of tenderness between bride and mom, between bride and flower girl, between bride and maid of honour. Is there anything more special than the love shown between women?

Everyone wants these moments on their wedding morning, they are some of the most beautiful and special memories you will carry forward from this day, to be treasured and savoured through the years. How can you be sure of making it magical and memorable, how to make everything run smoothly from the moment you wake up to the moment when you and your crew are ready to go? Never fear, we have advice.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep! The last thing you want to see in the mirror on the morning of, are dark circles and bleary eyes.
  2. Make a plan. Sounds boring but really, plan the morning like a military exercise, and make sure all your girls know it too. Be precise as to timing of make-up and hair times (who goes first?) and be as bridezilla as you want on punctuality from everyone; those hair and make-up professionals are costing you money, don’t keep them waiting for one tardy bridesmaid.
  3. Lay everything out, ready to go. And we mean everything, dress, underwear, shoes, the lot.
  4. Have space for florals. Your wedding planner or florist will deliver the bouquets to your getting-ready room, plan where to put them (a reasonably cool dark room preferably) so they are fresh for your departure.
  5. Eat! Order the day before and choose a selection of snacky but healthy finger-foods for you and your crew.
  6. Think of your flower girl(s) or smallest ‘maid(s). Having little girls in your crew? Don’t demand they be there too early, ask that they be there just in time to change, or have mom change them into their dresses and then bring them over….though in our experience, little girls LOVE being part of the getting-ready action with the big girls, just don’t ask that they be there for the whole time.
  7. Go easy on the cocktails and bubbly. We know, some alcoholic beverages can be helpful for jitters and nerves, but tread carefully, you have a long day and evening ahead. Choose a light, fruity and bubbly cocktail (mimosas or bellinis!) rather than straight up wine or champagne, or a coolers are good too. And leave time between imbibing and departure, you don’t want to have to pee just as you walk down the aisle. Hey, we’ve seen it happen.
  8. Having your pro photographer there for some getting-ready photos? Keep the room reasonably neat – tidy away plates of half-eaten food, half-empty glasses, boxes and parcels and half-open luggage. We just KNOW you will have chosen getting-ready attire already and the choices these days are endless, we have seen floral silk, flannel and plaid, boyfriend shirts and shorts, sweats, bathrobes, they all look great and are extra special when monogrammed.
  9. Have a bit of private time. So you’re in the dress, hair and make-up done, bouquet in hand….take a deep breath and be alone for just a moment to savour what’s happening. You’ll probably cry a bit so have kleenex.

That’s our advice and we trust it is helpful. Now enjoy a delicious gallery of a few of our favourite images of getting-ready-time. Photos are captioned for photo credit.

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