This is a brief blog because I think the Gallery speaks for itself. It’s all about The Boys. We hear and see so much about the bride and her tribe, but what about the groom and HIS tribe? Check out any wedding blog, article, or social media post about weddings, heck even google ‘weddings’ and you will be swamped with images of the bride and her ‘maids getting ready, raising a mimosa toast, fastening the bride’s gown, images of the bridesmaids dabbing away tears during the ceremony, images of the MOH giving her emotional speech, and so on….all iconic wedding memories for sure and we LOVE them and have written previously about the special bond between a bride and her gals (read it here). But…but…but…we have been privileged to witness deeply touching and poignant and downright hilarious boy moments too, when the groom’s dad helps him with his tie, when the groom helps his own little boy with HIS tie, when the Best Man hugs his buddy, when the groom cries at the first sight of his bride (see images of THAT magic moment here from a previous blog) when the groomsmen raise a toast not in mimosas or bellinis but in Stellas or single malt, when the groomsmen throw the groom in the lake (yes, it happened, see the Gallery) We could go on and on. So, as huge fans of the boys at all our weddings, we raise a toast to them, and hope you enjoy our Gallery of boy images. Boys…we love you. Please note: photos are captioned for photo cred.

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