Oh those same sex weddings – we love them. We love our same sex couples who place their trust in us to help celebrate their wedding day. All our weddings make us teary eyed (yes, even after all these years) but there’s something about our same sex couples that give the old heart strings an extra strong tug, that make us pull out a few extra kleenex. Maybe because so often, these dear couples have fought battles and surmounted obstacles and prejudices to get to their wedding day, that those of us who are straight cannot even imagine. So when we found out June is Pride month, the subject of this blog was easy – ‘let’s celebrate our same sex weddings!’ we cried. To us here at Planet Wedding Planning, it is very simple; love conquers all, love is love wherever you find it, love knows no boundaries. Clanking cliches all, but true nonetheless.

We DO have some advice for anyone planning a same sex wedding, and here it is. You can do one of two things, or a combo of both – you can start with a basic traditional template and personalize it for a same sex format, OR you can throw the rules out the window and do whatever you damn well please. Using a traditional template is a handy guide, while tweaking it along the way. For example, you can totally have one of you walk down the aisle with parent or parents, as in a traditional straight wedding, or you can walk down together. You can stick with tradition for the ladies and have one wear a white gown, the other a tux or suit, or both wear gowns or both wear tuxes or whatever you like. For the guys, both can wear suits (we’ve seen same suits with contrasting waistcoats and bowties, love that!) or wear matchy casual shirts. You can totally do the trad thing with customs such as first dance, bouquet toss, etc. Or not. That’s the beauty of a same sex wedding, all bets are off and you can re-invent your day however you like.

What we love about being wedding planners in Whistler is that diversity lives here. Hey we’re in lovely Canada after all, which was the 4th country in the world, and the first outside Europe, to legally recognize same sex marriage. Bet ya didn’t know that! And Whistler as a community is hugely LGBTQ friendly. As witness one of our most loved and eagerly anticipated festivals of the entire year, the Whistler Pride and Ski Festival which draws huge crowds every January for an action and fun packed week of festivities that local residents and businesses enthusiastically support. Here is the link to the 2018 Whistler Pride week, check it out! You can also find a very useful guide here from Tourism Whistler.

And now (drum roll please) we come to our Cool Announcement. To celebrate Pride month and our love and support for same sex marriage and couples, we are offering a 10% discount on all same sex weddings booked with one of our Small is Beautiful elopement packages, that take place during the week of Whistler Pride and Ski Festival 2018. Here is a link to our Small is Beautiful packages. Planning a same sex wedding? Have friends that are thinking of it? Spread the word!

To conclude, we prepared a gallery of just a few of our same sex weddings and couples from the last few years. Take a stroll. Have a look. Enjoy.