We rejoice in weddings. Of course we do; weddings are the reason we go to work each day. We love them all, big and small, we endlessly discuss them, devour all and everything we can read about them, heck we even dream about them. But can we tell you something? Wedding vow renewals have a special place in our hearts. Why? Because we are the ultimate hopeless romantics and surely a couple standing up to reaffirm their commitment to each other after five, ten, twenty-five, fifty (or more!) years together, is the ultimate romantic gesture, wouldn’t you agree?

Call us to discuss renewing your wedding vows and you will have us all a-flutter with excitement. And here is the advice we will give you:

First, why are you renewing your vows? You don’t need a reason, but many couples renew to mark a milestone wedding anniversary, celebrate overcoming a life-changing crisis, or to have the type of wedding they missed out on (for whatever reason) the first time around. The reason doesn’t matter, it’s all about what you feel is right, as a couple.

Do whatever you want the 2nd time around, but DO have a budget and stick to it. While some of the financial costs of your original Big Day may not apply, some may still be important to you such as great food and drink, flowers, a pro photographer and videographer, music for ceremony and after-party. The great thing about the ‘I Do Part Two’ celebration is that anything goes BUT there will be some financial cost even if minimal, so watch that budget!

Say Yes to the Dress but oh joy, you can wear whatever you want this time around, and need not feel constrained by custom, tradition, or family expectations. Some renewal ‘brides’ do wear their original dress again (and lucky you if it still fits) but others choose a cocktail or evening gown in any colour, style or length they want. Same for the ‘groom’, anything goes from tuxedo to Hawaiian shirts and shorts, and everything in between. One couple asked their male guests to dress similarly to the groom in white polo shirts, chinos and deck shoes.

DO write your own vows. The style and tone of the actual ceremony can be whatever you choose as this is not a legally binding ceremony….but I Do Part Two vows can be incredibly moving when said between a couple who now know each other intimately and may have overcome a few speed bumps along the way; this time, you have memories to call on and to share but do acknowledge the future too. After all, you decided to renew your vows because you want more years together, right? By the same token, ANYONE can officiate at an I Do Part Two ceremony as there are no legalities to be considered, but if you hire a professional celebrant or officiant, they should be able to advise on a suitable form of ceremony (or even create one for you).

Include your children, if any. Friends of ours at their vow renewal had the ‘bride’ walk in on the arm of her young son, while their small daughter was a flower girl. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

NO gifts please. You surely don’t need another crockpot or set of knives, so forget the wedding registry. Besides which, tacky or what? It CAN be appropriate to suggest guests might care to make a donation to a charity. Those same friends suggested guests might like to donate to cancer research in memory of a close relative who had recently passed away. Aaaw.

When choosing a photo gallery to illustrate a picture perfect I Do Part Two, we went for a recent vow renewal that ticked all the boxes for all of the above. We hope you enjoy the images as much as we relished being part of their fabulous day.


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