Would you believe me if I said ‘weddings’. How is that possible? Several years ago, while working away in her office, Rachael Lythe, founder and owner of Sea to Sky Celebrations, had a brainwave. Then and there, she dreamed up the whole concept of all-inclusive wedding packages.

This particular brainwave arrived in response to client queries, and to her own canny recognition of a neglected niche in the wedding market. ‘Why not have an all-inclusive package’ she thought, ‘covering all the needs that any couple could want on the Big Day’. Excited by the idea, she hammered out several packages on the spot, and while initially these were designed for the smaller and more intimate weddings, (the ‘Small is Beautiful’ service) the idea has blossomed and expanded to include the latest incarnations, ‘The Sweetheart’, an option for the ultimate romantic elopement involving just the actual couple, ‘The Snowcat’ for the more adventuresome couples, and ‘The Hotel’ for the smaller wedding (up to 50) that cannot quite squeeze into a Small is Beautiful package.

Select local vendors were alerted to this new idea, and all were eager to climb on board the all-inclusive packages train.

I caught up with this busy planner and asked her how it was going. It turns out that the popularity of the all-inclusive elopement packages has exceeded even Rachael’s wildest dreams. ‘It’s amazing’ she said, ‘couples just love these packages, they eat them up!’ Never one to rest on her laurels, Rachael further consulted with the Sea to Sky Celebrations decor guru, Kerry Thompson, and together they devised several all-inclusive decor packages, each on a separate theme, and these too are flying off the shelves.

It seems that busy couples everywhere are hungry for all-inclusive packages that take the strain out of wedding planning. Like all clever ideas, this one is open to duplication. Is that a concern? ‘No’ said Rachael, ‘we are confident that discriminating couples recognize that ours is the prototype, and a premium product’. ‘And plus’ she adds with a somewhat rueful laugh ‘don’t they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?’

‘Any other plans?’ I asked. ‘YES’ says Rachael, ‘we have other packages coming along in the near future, and we are very excited’. Asked for details, Rachael keeps mum and explains that details are still being worked on. But while the new all-inclusives remain hush-hush and under wraps, feel free to tear the wrapping off the existing packages HERE

Oh and the decor packages HERE

And please do enjoy this Gallery of dreamy images shared by Rachael, of some her favourite elopement packages weddings. Click on any image to enlarge. I think you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

Gallery photo credits go to:

Tallevi Studios

Gadbois Photography

Logan Swayze Photography

Mike Crane Photography