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We dedicate today’s blog to brides. Because today is a day to celebrate women, and for us, that means brides. In all the years we have been in this glorious wedding business, we have met hundreds of brides and we love those gals – we love them when they giggle like school girls through the getting-ready process, when they emerge from the loving hands of relatives and friends resplendent and gorgeous in their gowns, when we see the first look or the the walk down the aisle (yes we still get weepy, every time). We love them when they laugh at the weather, when they take off their heels and bravely tackle tricky locations in stout boots so the photographer can get that fabulous shot. We love them when they cry during the speeches, when they hug their moms, when they dance with their dads. So many thousands of magical bridal moments live in our memories, and we are grateful for them all. Let’s keep them coming for years to come. We put together a gallery of just a very few of our brides through the years, and wish we had room for more. We hope you enjoy it.