We are very excited about today’s blog because it involves two things dear to our hearts – wedding decor and supporting great causes wherever we can.

Ever vigilant for fresh decor ideas, we were excited recently to discover something we have not encountered previously (a rare occurrence) – hand-sewn, gorgeous silk fabric hearts and stars (plus other silk products for lovely bridal party gifts!) in a wide range of beautiful colours, that can be embroidered with names and dates and used for centrepieces, place holders, seating decor, escort ‘cards’, or even as wonderful favours! Imagine them pinned to a board in a rainbow of rich, vibrant colours for your table seating display, or hung from a twig ‘tree’ for the same function, used as escort cards at each table setting, or embroidered with the names of the couple and the wedding date, as a lovely and truly unique take-home favour. The possibilities are endless.

We learned about these delightful items from a friend who supports The Tabitha Foundation, a worldwide non-profit charitable foundation which helps improve the lives of very poor families in Cambodia by means of a number of programmes. One of those programmes is a cottage industry whereby Cambodian women can empower themselves (and thereby their families and communities) by making and selling a range of silk products, including the embroidered hearts, stars and other shapes.

Let’s allow the Tabitha Foundation of Cambodia to speak for themselves here 

Click here for a link to the Tabitha Foundation Cambodia catalogue. They also make silk purses, bags, and other items –  AWESOME BRIDAL PARTY GIFTS!

And here is a link to the Tabitha Foundation UK where you can go to actually order the hearts (or stars, we really like those stars) and have them shipped to you direct. PLEASE DO REMEMBER THAT APPROPRIATE IMPORT DUTIES WILL APPLY DEPENDING ON WHICH COUNTRY YOU ARE IN!

Here is a link to the page on the Tabitha Foundation UK website where you can ask questions about ordering and shipping.

Just imagine the kudos of having something so incredibly unique and beautiful at your wedding, and the warm admiration of your guests when they see you supporting such a heartfelt cause. We look forward to seeing the embroidered hearts and stars at some of our future weddings. We have added a gallery – we love seeing the photos of the ladies who actually make these gorgeous products.