The moment we saw Misha and Megan on their wedding morning, we knew we were looking at the authentic face of true romance. The kind of romance that fairy tales are made of. This sweet and fun loving couple came all the way from Ontario with parents in tow, for the intimate wedding of their dreams. They chose the Helicopter Adventure option from our Small is Beautiful service menu (see the full menu here) and were not disappointed.

We had some slight misgivings on the day because Whistler and surrounding peaks were blanketed with haze from the forest fires burning in the interior. Luckily, for their photographer Misha and Megan had selected that Wizard of the Lens Logan Swayze, who apparently can turn the most challenging light (or lack thereof) into images of pure enchantment. The haze lent an almost surreal and mysterious atmosphere which only added to the romantic air of the whole day. We half expected dragons and other mythical beasts to appear!

The dock at always-gorgeous Nita Lake Lodge was the venue for the First Look, after which our very excited band (first time in a helicopter) were whisked up and away by Blackcomb Helicopters to a fairy tale lakeside location high in the Coast Mountains. Witnessed by Megan’s parents and Misha’s mom, the pair spoke their deeply moving and heartfelt vows to each other beside the tranquil and pristine waters of the lake.

Following the ceremony, Misha’s lovely mom, who hails from Russia, presented the pair with a commemorative medal, a family tradition to mark milestone events.

The pair requested a photo of all who were lucky enough to be present at this unforgettable ceremony, including planners, pilot, Blackcomb Helicopters staff and the photographer himself. Here is the image – Logan emerged from behind his lens and dashed to beat the timer (‘run Logan, run!’) How often do we get to see the Wizard himself actually in a photo?

Back on the ground and Misha and Megan were spirited away by the Wizard to his Top Secret location by the river for some images which I think you will agree are pure, unadulterated romance. Enjoy a few of our favourites in our Gallery, and we hope you will be inspired to believe that fairy tales really do come true.