Mother Nature sure can be fickle here in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. But on one extraordinary day in January, she unleashed all she had on the lovely Gavin and Natasha, who in true British stiff-upper-lip fashion, were determined that nothing, not even the most challenging weather, would stand in the way of their wedding.

And of course we were equally determined  – on the morning of the big day, we looked out at the monsoon rain and heavy Pacific snow lashing the mountains, and decided some nifty footwork was in order – plans for a Small is Beautiful ‘Mountaintop’ ceremony were swiftly switched to a Small is Beautiful ‘Valley’ ceremony instead. Lucky that ‘flexibility’ is our middle name!

Officiant Tracy Kerr conducted a beautiful and intimate ceremony in a lantern-lit log cabin by the lake, after which this canny couple decided to forgo the usual champagne toast for mugs of hot chocolate and Baileys! Warmed (somewhat) by the chocolate and Baileys, our intrepid couple ventured into the forest guided by equally intrepid photographer Logan Swayze, that Wizard of the Lens who can produce sumptuous images from the most challenging conditions.

After which, our adventuresome troupe ventured further – up the mountain for more photographs in our private Peak to Peak gondola cabin (a wedding planner perk kindly provided by Whistler Blackcomb), posed against a wintry wet and snowy backdrop, and riding the slopes on snowboards, complete with the beautiful bride in her gorgeous gown! Wow. This was a day when love really did conquer all. Even Mother Nature.



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