We confess – we are crazy for vintage and are never happier than when our couples want vintage elements in their wedding decor. Vintage has a time-worn charm that never ages or dates and we love it all.

That’s us, in our element, drooling over the vintage suitcase transformed into a card holder or holding retro sunglasses for guests, the antique trunk doing sterling work as a table plan, the gorgeous antique couch at the cocktail hour.

You can incorporate touches of vintage here and there, or go all out with vintage china like sweet old teacups for drinking out of or as candles (easy to DIY), retro fifties and sixties glassware, flower holders (how about retro teapots or pitchers to hold flowers as your centrepieces?). Thrift stores and junk shops are an obvious goldmine for items like this, and can cost mere pennies to purchase. And don’t forget eBay – we found amazing ornate vintage-style candleholders on eBay for just $6.57 each!    Antique furniture for cocktail hour? We have sources where you can rent. 

And can we please give a shout out to bunting as an addition to your vintage decor?  What is bunting? we hear our Canadian and US friends cry. Bunting, better known here as those pennants more usually seen at baseball games or car dealerships, has been a mainstay of event decor in Great Britain for years, and we are head over heels for it. Those garlands of fabric flags reminiscent of garden parties and village fetes, lend a wonderful vintage throwback feel to any wedding, and its increasing popularity this side of the pond means there are now numerous online sources where it can be purchased in a multitude of styles, colours and fabrics. 

We will leave you with an idea that we think is an absolute hoot – while doing our research for this piece we came across retro ads from the 50s and 60s (far back enough to be vintage for sure) that had us shrieking. Incredibly politically incorrect these days (thank goodness) but good for a laugh, how about printing out some of these (Pinterest is your motherlode), pasting them to card or foamcore, and using them in holders on your reception tables? Think what a great ice breaker and conversation starter they would be.

We have some vintage props of our own in our treasure chest, but if you seek something we don’t own, let us know – we love to shop and we’ll have fun hunting down the perfect item for your vintage theme. Try us!  So go ahead, all you thoroughly modern millies, have fun with vintage. You know you want to.