It’s no secret here on Planet Planner that decor is dear to our hearts. Ok we’ll come clean – we are CRAZY about decor and details! Whether a wedding is in a ballroom or a barn, the style classic or eclectic, the palette vibrant and vivid or simple and serene, makes no difference to us. We bring the same zest, the same excitement, the same passionate attention to detail whether setting up a banquet for 200 or a private sweetheart table for two.

This part of our job begins with listening – hard.
We bring our listening ears to all of our client meetings and discussions, and we love hearing their ideas for themes, palettes, aisle style and dining decor.
We take pride as well, in providing an expert, objective and non-judgmental opinion on which couples may absolutely rely. We’ll be honest though; if we know from experience that your colours will clash or that you would be wise to skip purchasing those bargain-store coloured candles, we’ll tell you.
We watch out for signature trends but are wary of anything too trendy and dating; we admit that the classics remain a perennial favourite. But hey, we’re open to anything, just try us!

We recently took a stroll down decor memory lane (we do that a lot) and assembled this gallery of some favourite decor images. This is a random bunch – most are from many of our professional photographer friends, and a few from our own trusty iPhones.
We also have BREAKING NEWS on decor – we have amassed a large and growing inventory of decor items of all sorts, and have completed an online catalog of item images that clients may shop in order to rent at preferred rates. Watch out for our catalog to be published on the website very soon!

Design and decor by  Sea to Sky Celebrations

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