Wow. Our previous blog on Pop-Up Planners struck a nerve!  We were contacted by some of our vendors who all said ‘us too!’. It seems that the curse of the wannabe Bargain Basement wedding amateur is not confined to planners alone, but reaches its tentacles industry-wide to affect photographers, DJs, and more. It appears there is widespread confusion on the difference between PRICE and VALUE when it comes to hiring wedding vendors.

Yes, the ‘cowboy contractor’ is no longer confined to the trades, he/she is now stalking Wedding World!

Before we elaborate, let us say our venues have a part to play here. Many wedding venues now wisely require that couples hire a wedding planner, but do they specify experienced, locally-based, PROFESSIONAL planners? Or are they content to accept a bargain-basement pop-up coordinator? All we can say is, when that amateur drops the ball, the venue event coordinator will be the one picking up the slack. ‘Nuff said.

Conversations with some of our vendors convinced us that wedding professionals, experts with years of experience, need to circle the wagons and warn of the dangers of hiring a vendor based only on their Bargain Basement pricing. Whether planners, photographers, DJs and musicians, hair and make-up experts, caterers, florists, venues,  you name it, we are here to say ‘NO’ to outside amateurs intent on parting couples from their money with the lure of cheap prices, while delivering shoddy and inexpert service. Your wedding day is your one chance to get it right. You cannot go back and do it again. Why gamble on the success of your Big Day?

This is especially true when trusting couples innocently import those bargain-basement amateurs from outside. Vancouver-based wedding pages are rife with tempting ads and posts from city-based amateurs keen to pocket your cash but clueless about Whistler venues, conditions, or challenges. So many unique factors come into play at a Whistler wedding, factors that outside amateurs will be unaware of. We have blogged previously on the folly of hiring a cheap ‘day of coordinator’, but we have also warned of the pitfalls of hiring amateur DJs, and the wisdom of choosing a locally based expert pro photographer who understands the unique Whistler light and weather conditions. Wedding photographs really are a one time only ‘get-it-right-first-time’ shot, we advise to never take chances if all is not to end in tears and disappointment.

How about hair and make-up? Again, your cousin’s friend’s neighbour may be a whiz at doing up her friends for a night out on the town, (and everyone looks great after a few tequila shots right?) But does she understand the really expert skill required to guarantee you look radiant yet recognizable to your groom, with make-up that lasts, and hair that is natural yet bomb proof though a long day and night of festivities? If you don’t want to risk a bride of Frankenstein look, we recommend sticking to an expert on this.




Caterers? Again, do go with a local expert. We can only cite our cautionary tale of a couple who imported a city company based on their apparently tasty food-van type ‘cuisine’, only to learn too late that they were hopelessly unable to cater for a crowd in a timely fashion (hungry guests….not pretty) or produce professional servers. Lesson learned, sadly.

Cheffie, you are very funny, but you have no place at one of our weddings. And neither do any of your amateur friends.