Our blog today is written especially for all our lovely below-the-border friends and couples in the US of A, who may still be shopping for a wedding location. In short – here are the many reasons why Whistler is a sure-fire guaranteed winner when it comes to the perfect destination of choice for you guys.


1. It’s all about the money. Well, by no means all as you’ll see, but a pretty darn big reason to get up here to tie the knot. Currently, the US/Canadian exchange rate sits firmly at 35%. Math challenged? This means that if you spend $2,000 in Whistler, in US funds you only spent $1,300. This rate is true across the board for all goods and services, and predictions are that this will stay steady into the foreseeable future. Not bad eh?



2. We have weather. To be more precise, we have four distinct and clearly defined seasons, each presenting their own share of gorgeousness. We see couples and their guests fleeing a sweltering Texas, Florida or Arizona summer, just about crying with the relief of our warm but temperate summers, when we typically enjoy blessedly low or zero humidity accompanied by sunny days and sleep-friendly evening temperatures. Even Summer rain showers are friendly in Whistler, when soft veils of refreshing moisture can sweep gently through the valley.

A Whistler Spring brings lush new green life to our valley and mountain peaks, and a Whistler Fall brings golden days and velvet nights.


As for Winter – what can we say? Whistler is routinely voted the top ski area in North America, famed for its incredible skiing and snowsports, with an average accumulated snowfall of over 40 feet. Winter is when Whistler comes into its own, and our glorious Winter weddings are legendary for breathtaking venue choices replete with glorious photo opportunities.


3. We have scenery, and we have venue choices galore. Oh boy do we have scenery. Whistler sits like a sparkling jewel in the jaw-dropping setting of the spectacular Coast Mountain Range, and we are literally surrounded by incredible alpine vistas. No problem finding an impressive photo backdrop here!


As for venue choices, they are so plentiful here in Sea to Sky country that it’s not even funny. We’ve got the lot, from multiple rustic and rugged outdoor parks, mountains and lakes to elegant hotels, golf courses, vineyards, ranches, unique and unusual locations (check out the Audain Art Museum, the Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre, the Whistler Sliding Centre) and award-winning restaurants.


4. We have a vibrant four season resort to delight you and your guests, no matter the time of year. Many alpine resort destinations in North America wind down to soporific or even closed for business during the ‘off season’ of late Spring to late Fall/early Winter. Not us. Nope, we are the resort that never sleeps, and whether your wedding is Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, we offer activities and distractions covering every possible choice and preference.



Here is a list and are you ready for this? Ok deep breath and here goes – Year-round sports from extreme to gentle including downhill skiing and snowboarding, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, toboganning, skating, recreational bobsled and luge, mountain biking, road biking, tennis, golf, hiking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, canoeing, swimming….we probably even forgot some.




An awesome choice of activities such as ziptrekking, bungee, tubing, yoga, bear-watching tours, ATV tours, fishing, paintball, lakes and beaches to laze around, helicopter and floatplane tours. WAIT we’re not finished! We also have excellent shopping, dozens of restaurants from budget casual to fine dining, arts and culture, fantastic spas and a huge array of every kind of accommodations. Phew.

Oh and did we mention if you are bringing your 4-legged friend, Whistler is enormously dog-friendly too



5. We’re easy to get to, and easy to get around. Vancouver International Airport is only 135kms away, a beautiful 2 to 2.5 hours drive along the spectacular Sea to Sky highway. Seattle SeaTac is an easy highway-all-the-way 5 hour drive. Whistler is compact and very pedestrian friendly, you can walk pretty much from anywhere to anywhere in 10 minutes.

What else? Well if you’re still not convinced, be our guest in our gallery of amazing location images. You can click on any image to view it in a bigger format. And we hope to hear from you soon. With love, from Whistler.